WENZHOU DEG MACHINERY CO., LTD a customer driven company based in China since 2022, good source of Quality Engineered Components for the OEM. It is is located in Ruian of Wenzhou, 30km away from Wenzhou Airport and Wenzhou Port.

DEG is a leading supplier and manufacturer of road milling machines, road mixing machine cutter, mining bits and cutter holder devices, road/mine engineering machinery accessories, auto parts and precision forging DEG. owns for forging production lines mainly based on friction press machines (30/400/300 tons), a full set of technological processes including mold, CNC fine machining, welding, heat treatment, complete material test, tensile strength test, 3D dimension measurement, hardness test, welding firmness test, magnetic participle test as well as complete quality systems of ISO9002, TS16949, QS9000.

R & D Center

DEG specializes in Engineered OEM standard products for any application according to customers’ requirements. DEG provide the best quality and services available. We have its own mold research and development center.

  • Road Milling Tools - Asphalt, Concrete
  • Chain And Wheel Trenching Tools
  • Drilling Tools
  • Mining Tools
  • Scarifier Blades
  • Tunnelling tools
  • Grinder Tips
  • Stump Cutter
  • Crushed carbide overlay wear parts
  • Chocky bar and GET
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Auger Parts
  • Tungsten Carbide Inserts & Tools
  • CNC Machining Parts
  • Bolts and Nuts
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